“Joshua’s Mistake” featured in Ghost Town podcast on Elliott Smith

The Mother Lode: Alpha track “Joshua’s Mistake” was featured in the closing moments of the Ghost Town podcast “The House of Elliott Smith: Part 3,” which was published on Oct. 28. Liam also contributed to the episode via email by answering a series of questions on the subject of Elliott Smith’s passing posed by Rebecca Leib, which the Ghost Town co-host read on the podcast.

Liam: “Although the episode got into some theories about Elliott’s death with which I’m uncomfortable, I’m really happy that the hosts chose to end it with a personal tribute to Elliott, who was not only one of my favorite songwriters but one of my favorite people ever.

“I’m also flattered that they chose to close the podcast with audio from one of my songs. Personally, I would have preferred to hear an Elliott Smith track here! But, all in all, I think it worked out okay.”


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