“Joshua’s Mistake” on 88.5-FM, The SoCal Sound

Anyone listening to 88.5-FM, the SoCal Sound–a partnership between KCSN in Northridge and KSBR in Mission Viejo–on Monday, Nov. 7, got to hear the very first track from the Mother Lode double album on terrestrial radio: “Joshua’s Mistake.” This, of course, was thanks to the SoCal Sound’s program director, Mark “Mookie” Kaczor, a longtime champion of Liam’s music who played the Mother Lode: Alpha track on his stellar 6-10 p.m. weekday program, “Evenings with Mookie.”

Unfortunately, the links to buy the song listed on the radio station’s website didn’t work because the track hadn’t even been released yet! But that just goes to show you how dialed in Kaczor really is and why 88.5 FM was recently named national “Non-Com Music Station of the Year” among outlets in the Triple-A (Adult Album Alternative) format. Well done, Mookie.


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