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The “fifth of four” kids born in Dallas, Texas to an ex-Army paratrooper father who blew out his eardrums during the Korean War and an opera singer mother with an excruciatingly accurate sense of pitch, Dallas-born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Liam Gowing definitely took after the latter parent when it came to making music. After teaching himself to play piano and guitar by ear at the age of 10, the precocious youngster started a cover band in the seventh grade with childhood friend Bob Musso, recorded a group album of original songs at the age of 17, and composed a rock opera before graduating high school…


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Praise for Drunk Sluts Forever

Reviews of Liam's debut release

  • Lesley Park / LA Music Blog
    ``A richly diverse collection of multi-faceted, multi-layered alternative rock goodness... a stellar debut``
  • Marc “Mookie” Kaczor, KCSN 88.5-FM program director
    ``An instant indie rock classic``
  • Alyson Camus / Rock NYC Live and Recorded
    ``Gowing shows a great sense for melody and varied music arrangements``
  • Kevin Bronson / BuzzBands.LA
    ``Like a mixtape... with a mad scientist feel``
  • John Lambremont / Kill Rock Stars
    ``It's as if Frank Zappa made an ELO album``
  • Tanner / KACV, 89.9 FM
    ``Love the Liam Gowing``