Pre-order Mother Lode: Alpha + Omega at iTunes & download “Pavlov’s Dogs” and “Watch Out Now” today!

LG fans can now pre-order the twin releases Mother Lode: Alpha and Mother Lode: Omega at Apple Music for delivery to their iTunes libraries on November 15. As part of Apple’s “Instant Gratification” offer, buyers who pre-order the albums ($9.99 each) can also download the opening tracks from each release–that’s “Pavlov’s Dogs” and “Watch Out Now,” respectively–TODAY immediately at no extra cost. Just follow the links below:

Pre-order Mother Lode: Alpha album & download “Pavlov’s Dogs” TODAY

Pre-order Mother Lode: Omega album & download “Watch Out Now” TODAY

Of course, if anyone prefers to merely dip a toe in each pool, one can download just the Instant Gratification tracks individually for 99 cents each:

Download just the Alpha opening track, “Pavlov’s Dogs”

Download just the Omega opening track, “Watch Out Now”


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