Mother Lode double album out Nov. 15!

Liam made it official with a press release yesterday: His new double album Mother Lode: Alpha + Omega will be released digitally via CDBaby–to the big streaming and downloading platforms iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Napster, YouTube and more (plus QQMusic, KuGou and Kuwo in the PRC)–on November 15.

The press release, which goes into the back story and the inspiration for Gowing’s plan to “maroon” himself in a foreign place where he didn’t know anyone and spend the following five years recording both a prequel and a sequel to his debut album, is attached below.

Also attached is a “Mother Lode: Alpha + Omega album rundown,” which breaks down the 24 songs on the double album with an embedded link containing audio of each song.


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