Mother Lode – Electronic Press Kit

Greetings tastemakers,

Welcome to the Mother Lode: Alpha + Omega electronic press kit. Please follow the embedded links below to:

#1 – Download high-quality MP3s of all the tracks from Mother Lode: Alpha and Mother Lode: Omega

#2 – Read Liam’s complete bio.

#3 – See/download brand-new high-resolution images of Liam.

#4 – View a series of candid video interviews with Liam explaining the reason for the double album, plus the origin story and songwriting process behind each of the two dozen songs that make up the release on the Mother Lode extended EPK YouTube playlist.

Attached below, you will also find downloadable PDFs of:

#5 – The Nov. 15 press release announcing the twin Mother Lode album release and “Joshua’s Mistake” placement in podcast, radio and film soundtrack.

#6 – The Oct. 20 press release announcing this EPK, advance audio from Mother Lode and video interviews.

#7 – The Sept. 22 Mother Lode double album launch press release with album artwork and credits.

#8 – A track-by-track rundown with a description of each song on Mother Lode Alpha + Omega

#9 – Mother Lode: Alpha album song lyrics

#10 – Mother Lode: Omega album song lyrics

+You can still preview the unmastered tracks in their entirety at the Alpha album preview page and the Omega album preview page.

If you like what you hear, please don’t hesitate to drop a line. Either way, THANK YOU for taking the time to visit.