Drunk Sluts Forever: album promo film


A cavalcade of ’70s grindcore and B-movie clips assiduously assembled by Neal Gardner over audio from the eponymously titled Liam Gowing record, “Drunk Sluts Forever” takes its storyline from the album’s song titles: It tells the sad tale of IT’S ALL SUGAR, who is forced to say SO LONG to her happy home—PURDIZZY (ON SATURDAY)—by the evil PINOCCHIO NOSE. Forcibly addicted to his PERFECT PARASITE and lured into becoming one of his DRUNK SLUTS FOREVER, our heroine is made to PARTY DOWN all day, e’ry day. Lost in a world of horrible pleasures, things became so bad for Sugar that she considers resorting to THE SUICIDE MACHINE but thanks to a little help from TRANSITIONAL BOB she takes revenge on her kidnapper and makes good her RELEASE. Thank heavens.